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The Unreachable Sky ~ artist’s re-issure 2010 Is now available thru Ephemera

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Joey has just released her re-issuing of the classic all instrumental album, originally available thru Faithstrange, now exclusively through her own Ephemera. It’s a haunting journey, and as Joey describes it, part of her elemental series, this being her air album. For those of you who have already been fans of this work, or would like to introduce yourself to something very special out of Joey’s repertoire, this album is an elegant, stark and ethereal listen that you won’t regret.

Behave, the good sister Cleophas!


Various Trakwerx Releases! 2009 featuring The Trakwerx Collective & Jo Gabriel

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The good sister Cleophas would like to announce that~
Trakwerx has updated their myspace page to include some of the material recorded for our Melies Project as well as a new photo collage with all 5 of the new Trakwerx releases
Lightwerx: Melies DVD- Featuring our lovely Joey opening with The Conjuror and Gods of Electricity!

Lightwerx: Tarzan DVD

Lightwerx: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari DVD

17 Pygmies: The Outlaw J.D. Ray

Smoldering Ashes: Songs in the Key of Mountain Birds Blue

Delusions of Adequacy review; Fools and Orphans by the fabulous Jen of Stratosphere Fanzine

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Heathen Harvest Reviews “The Last Drive In”

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I just discovered Heathen Harvest’s great review of The Last Drive In. What pleased me most was the fact that they not only recognized my love of horror film ( in particular classical horror ) but they were able to invoke my work in the same breath as Jorg Buttgereit’s Nekromantik and Joe D’Amato disemboweling someone in a Victorian castle

These specific examples might not have been the films that I had visualized while manifesting this work,but all the same, it’s a rare tribute when people can be as creative as to envision “Aren’t You His Mother Rosemary” underscoring such provocative film making! The contrast of this particularly gentle haunting melody aligned with graphic disturbing imagery is actually something that I’ve often thought would make for an exquisite interpretive counterpoint blending of the two mediums, these two contrasting themes. I’ve seen this technique used for example in Narciso Ibanez Serrador’s 1969 Gothic masterpiece The House That Screamed. John Moulder Brown’s slow motion attack on an innocent maiden set in dark hazy, muted tones as a beautifully poignant melody supports the violence of the scene. It serves as a very dramatic and arousing agent.

Bravo Heathen Harvest, you honor me!

Jo Gabriel aka Monster Girl read my blog here:

Wonderful Wooden Reasons ~ Featured Reviews Fools & Orphans, The Amber Sessions and The Last Drive In

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Gothtronic review The Amber Sessions~

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Organ’s radio Resonance 104.4FM Plays Bulldozer~May 18,2008

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Sunday, May 18, 2008



LATEST ORGAN RADIO SHOW @ RESONANCE 104.4FM – who got played, details, links… 
Organ show with Sean O on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday May 18th  2008, 9.00pm – On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via
Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details… 
1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta) – our adopted theme tune so you know where you are. Transistor Six is Frances Castle, there’s lots of her fine art and creativity to explore from Francis so please please do. You can now get the whole tune downloaded for yourselves and find links to her artwork, albums and lots more over 
  2: PORT O’BRIEN – I Woke Up Today (City Slang) – Now how good is this new single from the San Francisco alt/folk outfit, this I do believe is from their debut album, they’re over here in London at the Borderline on May 29th and I’m off to find out more – or or   
 3: KEV HOPPER – Punch And Judy (download) – Been re-discovering Stump and Kev Hooper stuff recently, something to do with the Stump three CD set of re-issues that’s coming out next month, more on that soon. Meanwhile Stump man Kev Hopper has made a whole load of his post Stump material available for free download via his website (though he does mention a Paypal donation would be nice if you’re of a mind) – find out more and find this track over at –
4: EXPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL – What Ghosts See (Cochon) – Ah yes, they have a new album called Jane Doe Loves Me. More microscope lab voices and obscene back porch floating from the most experimental dental school of them all. They’re from Portland –  seriously bendy pointy pronky jazzy new wave and complex Devo shapes and Casiotones and machines that are programmed for questions and get away from that door people mover. Album of the week on the Organ website this week and I think we love even more than last time – or find it in the UK via – and you can treat yourself to some 2006 live You Tube footage here
5: BUNTY CHUNKS – Calling All Cars (Noiseburger) – A band we’ve played lots, a band who we had the pleasure of releasing material for and a band who played quite a few Organ shows on bills in places like the Camden Monarch  back in the days of Huge Baby and Monsoon Bassoon at such. Tonight I’m rather sad to report we’re playing then in celebration of bass player Matt Kinnison who passed away last week at the stupidly young age of 42, grab every day and create people, do things, make things, just like Matt did both with Buntychunks and Cindytalk, you’ll find a lot more about Matt on line with this week’s Organ, and tonight’s show is dedicated to and in celebration of Matt and his contributions. Bunty Chunks will always be one of favourite bands and this track was from their sixteen track Brain EP released on DIY label Noiseburger back in 1996
6: ULAN BATOR – D.Press TV (Les Discques Du Soleil Et De L’Acier) – A fine moment from the left-field alternative French band’s rather fine, rather dark, rather forward looking and still rather fresh sounding 1996 “free rock” album “2” – explore them over at 
7: SCARAMANGA SIX – I Can See A Murder (Wrath0 – B-side of the Leeds band’s new single Walking Through Houses and how good is this b-side!? The single is out on Monday 19th May and can’t you just tell that Tim Smith (he of Cardiacs) had a hand in the production (and a healthy musical influence those Cardiacs are as well). Another fine moment from the always good Six then… or
8: JO GABRIEL – Bulldozer (Ephemera) – She’s wonderful, her latest self released album comes with added vocals, a lazy signpost would point you vaguely in the direction of Kate Bush or Tori Amos but she’s far far more than just another one. This track is from a very special album called Fools And Orphans. You can read a full Organ review here and you can explore her via 

9: EXPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL – Uh Huh – Na Uh (Cochon) – Another track from their excellent new album, see track four for more details.
10: BACK TO THE PLANET – Teenage Turtles (Arthur Mix) – And what are we doing playing this vintage slice of classic 90’s festi-punk tonight? Well they’re back for the summer, catch them at a whole load of festivals including the Paradise Gardens free Festival – Back To The Planet, on stage 6.45pm, May 25th, Victoria Park, London E3 – Paradise Gardens web site Oh look, Katy Carr, Alabama 3 and loads more on the bill. Meanwhile  the BTTP web site
11: BUTTHOLE SURFERS – Lady Sniff (Download) – Well at last, an excuse to play the Texans! We’ve been waiting for ten years and the wait is over, they’re coming back to the UK. Yes indeed! Climb that Hairway. The dates are: 4th July at the ABC, Glasgow then 5 Jul Academy 2, Manchester, 6 Jul Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, and then The Forum, London on Sat 26 July  The band are also doing some US shows and for these shows, Jeff Pinkus will be on bass and Teresa Taylor (along with King Coffey) on drums. This is the rhythm section the band had for most of the 80s and marks the first time this line up has played together since 1989. Paul Leary has prior commitments and unfortunately can’t play the European dates (he will be on stage for the New York City show and possibly more stateside). “However, fear not, our European friends. Joining the band onstage for all shows in the US and Europe will be The Paul Green School of Rock All-Stars. This mob of teenage geniuses will blow your mind, forming a virtual Butthole Surfers Orchestra when they play with Gibby and company. Check back for more confirmed dates/ticket info (more European dates announced soon). –  – and that’s where you can get a whole load of free Butthole downloads including the track we played tonight.
12: OPERATOR PLEASE – Whip It (Brille) – B-side of the forthcoming Just A Song About Ping Pong single (out June 30th) and a wired-up teenage punk rock Devo cover that whips it all real good, they’re off on a UK tour with Futureheads this or or
13: TRICLOPS – Iraqi Curator (Alternative Tentacles) – One more visit to the excellent new album from the self proclaimed “acid punk” outfit from San Francisco. Tight twisting angled prog-punk and they feature members of Victim’s Family, Lower Forty Eight, Bottles And Skulls and Fleshies – or
14: FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Trauma 1 (ugExplode) The almost legendary free-jazz, no-wave impro-noise album that they put out at the start of the century as a very limited vinyl only thing has now be released on CD, Trauma is a hardboiled impro noise fest even by the hardboiled standards of the Luttenbachers  – one of the finest bands in the world, explore everything Weasel Walter is involved in. Find out more about Trauma here – Find some classic downloadshere on the Skin Graft page that will serve as an introduction (you’ll find loads of other good stuff on there as well – Pre, Cheer Accident, everything on Skin Graft is worth your ear and a slice of your heart…)    
15: G.G ALLIN –  Caemelita (download) – The chaotic hedonistic punk rocker never sounded so mellow with this strung out country and western number and some mariachi static on the radio. Ah hell, Butthole Surfers and GG Allin on the same show, I admit it, I was just being self indulgent, never imagined I’d ever get the chance –  
16: BLACK BONZO – Thorns Upon A Crown (The Laser’s Edge) – How more bombastically prog rock and wonderfully over the top can it be! The last musical taboo, full on Hammond throbbing  prog rock from Sweden. A track from their massive monster of a progging prog as f album Sound Of The Apocalypse that cane out recently. The band will be in the UK next month, including a London show (well almost), at the Peel in Kingston-Upon-Thames on June 22nd – 
17: BUNTY CHUNKS – Much Urdu About Nothing (Noiseburger) – see track 5, thanks Matt. 
18: RUSSIAN CIRCLES – Campaign (Suicide Squeeze) – A taste of the soon to be released new album from the refined instrumental post-rock outfit from Chicago, the album is out on June 9th or
– thank you for listening, hope you heard something that makes you want to get involved…. same time same place next week with Marina’s Other Rock show and the exploration of rock music that adventures beyond the conventions of 4/4… 







The Unreachable Sky re-issue 2008 thru Ephemera!

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I will be reissuing The Unreachable Sky through Ephemera Records Summer 2008, as an exclusively instrumental album with 2 NEW! added tracks as a bonus~!