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Radio Play for Jo Gabriel. Still relevant after all.

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Jo is still getting airplay throughout the world.

Gothic Paradise and Radio Inferno,

we say many thanks here at Ephemera.


the good sister cleophas


Delusions of Adequacy interview with Jo Gabriel by Jen Stratosphere Fanzine

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Jo’s very personal interview with Jen Delaney of Stratosphere Fanzine and Delusions of Adequacy was released today! It’s probably the most telling expose/interview yet. The good sister hopes you spend a little time with our little joey, getting to know her a little better.

We thank Jen for all the time and effort she put into this interview.

Be good brothers and sisters

The Good Sister Cleophas

Jo’s got a new Live performance video with Matt Turner on cello at the historic Smart Studio

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Joey just finished a live performance video with the incredible Matt Turner on Cello. She decided to do a version of Mothlight off her 2007 album The Amber Sessions.

It was an absolute honor to be able to play amongst the ghostly atmosphere that remains at Butch Vig’s Smart Studio, known notable for having the album from Nirvana’s Nevermind as well as Smashing Pumpkins and Depeche Mode having recorded there.

The video should be ready soon for viewing.

Special thanks go out to Mike Zirkel and Wendy Schneider for shooting the footage of our performance.

Jo thinks it resembles an upper east side salon setting, in Ira Levin’s living room.

Matt Turner was exceptional as always. Even with Joey’s back turned to him, the vibes were pulsing through and magically blended two instruments into  sonic  poetry.

Coming December 2009 17 Pygmies tribute Lightwerx: Georges Méliès DVD to the great George Melies

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This is a sneak peak at the 17 Pygmies compilation tribute film to the ground breaking film maker George Melies featuring various artists doing their own score to several of Melies short films. I contributed Summoning off my album The Amber Sessions for The Conjuror. Here is a limited peep at what lies ahead.

This promises to be a great artistic project indeed!

Heathen Harvest reviews The Amber Sessions!

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Once again, Heathen Harvest has given me the honor of writing about my little pagan serenade dressed up in lo-fi attire . You can read what they say below ~

Blessed Be~JG

Wonderful Wooden Reasons ~ Featured Reviews Fools & Orphans, The Amber Sessions and The Last Drive In

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Amber Sessions & “Last Drive In”* airplay @ thy RadioInferno!

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Gothtronic review The Amber Sessions~

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The Clockwork Cabaret~playlist 5.08.08 Sway

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Playlist:May 08, 2008

Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People

Combustible Edison – Vertigogo

Adam Ant – Strip

Wolfgang Press – Mama Told Me Not To Come

Django Reinhardt with Stephan Grapelli – Swing Guitars

Squirrel Nut Zippers – Got My Own Thing Now

Vernian Process – Her Clockwork Heart

Dinah Washington – Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby? (Rae and Christina Remix)

Two Man Gentlemen Band – Let’s Make A Sandwich

Smothers Brothers – Laredo

Squeeze – Take Me I’m Yours

The Jam – A Town Called Malice

Beat Circus – The Ghost of Emma Jean

Leon Redbone – Lulu’s Back In Town

Voices of McDowell – All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight

Pogues – If I Should Fall From Grace With God

New Model Army – What A Wonderful Way To Go

Slick Pelts – Hell from the Hills

Tom Waits – Metropolitan Glide

Eddie Izzard – Bees and Wasps

Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus

T Bone Burnett – Shake, Rattled and Rolled

Phranc – Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter

Andrew Sisters – Coffee Song

The Slow Poisoners – Curtains!

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Decemberists – We Both Go Down Together

Jo Gabriel – Sway

Jay Munly – Spill The Wine

Le Mystere de Voix Bulgares – Shope Shope


Mick Mercer has entered the room…

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Mick Mercer granted me the honor of reviewing both The Amber Sessions and The Last Drive In~ And in his inimitable writing style, he graced my work with a very complimentary testimonial indeed~

I am feeling very grateful these days for the incredible praise that both these albums are attracting from various people who I greatly respect. A thousand kisses and sunflowers cast their way!

Mick tells that a review of Fools and Orphans is immanent…

I think I’ll go buy myself an ice cream now.

Here are his reviews of Amber and Drive In:


Rather than answer Mick’s query’s directly since he’s most likely busy writing some fantastic review for some particular artist~ I thought i’d post a little explanation for a few of the things he mentioned amidst his covering both The Amber Sessions and The Last Drive In~ first he wondered if goats dance and if I had some knowledge of that! Well yes they do, and I did! In fact my publishing company Dancing Goat Music, is named after these magically lyrical creatures who inadvertently discovered that lovely nectar of the gods Coffee! Here is the link and the legend as it goes:

The Legend of the Dancing Goats®

Coffee was first discovered in what is now called Ethiopia. According to legend, the area’s remote highlands were home to a goatherd named Kaldi. One day he noticed his goats dancing and prancing after eating the small, red fruit of a nearby shrub. Not wishing to be left out of the fun, Kaldi ate the coffee cherries and soon he was dancing with his goats!

Now concerning the following pondering:

“in the bump of night”, which is a lovely phrase I haven’t heard before. I have no idea how this ties in with the cover imagery; perhaps not at all, perhaps with blistering clarity for those who understood.

My love of horror films and the lost art of the genre is getting to be pretty well known amongst my fans~and how I long for that past time that once gloriously showcased some of the more off the beaten path style films, the cult, the b movie, etc~ The Last Drive In is my homage to that nostalgic time when we piled into our cars, dressed in our pajamas and watched all things gruesome and unreal jump off the big screen at us while we cowered in the back seat of dad’s chevy!
I liked the idea of saying The Bump of Night instead of a bump in the night! And I am so thrilled Mick liked it too!

‘There’s A Crack In The Wall’ is giddy and light-headed, with the spectre of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds circling, which I accept must be accidental. A scrawny beauty, this is like an eerie breeze commanding the piano with its lid left open”

Yes, the essence of that Lucy effect came quite naturally to the piece as the entire album felt channeled to me~ It struck me the same once it was done, but i really liked it’s attitude and felt that it should remain as is~ Again, I am thrilled that Mick sensed it’s spontaneous appearance in the song~ and i love his term
Scrawny beauty! he does know how to turn a phrase~

thank you again Mick~ i hope this clears up a few of the scratching one’s head moments~

Cheers all~ Joey

Posted by Jo Gabriel on Saturday, May 03, 2008 at 8:20 PM

Jo Gabriel featured/ORGAN SHOW playlists

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Organ show with Sean O on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday APRIL 6th 2008, 9.00pm – On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via 

2: JO GABRIEL – Masque Of The Red Death (Dancing Goat) – She from New York, she recorded these two stunningly beautiful albums of four track in an empty theatre, both of them radiate with colourful warmth. Piano led instrumentals laced with wonderful textures and delicious detail – or

11: JO GABRIEL – The Sun King (Dancing Goat) – See track two, this time a track from her Amber Sessions album… both the albums are reviewed in more detail with this week’s Organ

18/Outro: JO GABRIEL – Passing/Arriving (Dancing Goat) – See track two, another track from her Amber Sessions album, this time just a final taste to leave you with….

My beloved Organ ~reviews of The Amber Sessions & Last Drive In!

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I have been honored by two incredible reviews by Sean at Organ Magazine! I apologize for having disturbed Biddy the Cat whilst he was trying to jot down his impressions of the music!

But cat’s are resilient creatures and tonight Biddy shall pick several songs to play on RESONANCE 104.4 FM London every sunday night at 9pm world wide

Here they are~ bless you Sean and Biddy~!


Moments Like Drops~ SepiaChord playlist 4.13.08

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Apr 13 2008 1:51 PM   

Playlist for the Week Ending 4.13.08

Zoe Boekbinder – Vermillion: Little Johnny 
Paul Mercer: Ballet Mecanique
Festival: Return
Black Heart Procession: The Waiter #4
The Other Flesh: (Bring Down the) Summer Rain
Kronos Quartet: They Are There!
The Magnificent Seven: Los Chants de Maldoror
David Thomas: Dan Dan
Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau: Acquiesce
Baby Gramps & the Back Swamp Potioners: Goblin Fruit
Seelenblut: The Need for Less Sex in the World
Jill Tracy: The Water Flows so Slow
The Scarring Party: Anywhere
Ex Reverie: The Crowning
Naevus & Rose McDowall: Restraining Order/Fish Heads and Olives Medley 
John C Reilly: My Son John
Bill Campbell & the Bittersuite: The Sea
The Tossers: The Crowning
Robin Holcomb: Dead Horse
Jo Gabriel: Moments Like Drops
Ethel Mermaid: I Was a Fool in Love
ECPE: Sunrise
Kim Vermillion: The Day We Met
Fern Knight: Magpie Suite, Part III
Spiritual Front: There is no Mud in Joyville
Attica! Attica!: Motion Sickness
Nick Cave: Fire Down Below
Violent Femmes: Good Feeling
Martin Carthy & the UK Group: The Mermaid
Decemberists: The Legionnaire’s Lament
Oval Portraits: Crying Windows
Lloyd James: Little Sap and Varicose
Thomas Nola et son Orchestre: Gloomy Sunday
The Kinks: Gloomy Sunday
Ilya Monosov: Winter Lullaby
Bob Neuwirth: Haul on the Bowline

Ninthspace review of The Amber Sessions

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I am feeling very honored by this extremely eloquent,substantive and flattering review of my Amber Sessions!

Hail to Ninthspace for lavishing me with their attentions~

Amber~SepiaChord Playlist 4.06.08

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Apr 6 2008 11:57 AM    

Painted Saints: The Lament
Black Heart Procession: Outside the Glass
Miss Moonshine: It’s Only a Paper Moon
Festival: Valentine
Alessandro Moreschi: Ave Maria
Life Toward Twilight: The Mirror
Ex Reverie: Wooden Sword
Kim Vermillion: Organ Donor’s March
Velvet Underground: The Murder Mystery
Eric Dahlman: Geysti Hiche Gesank Buchleyn
Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau: The Ballad of Lettice Finding & Oscar Cutlet
Fern Knight: Loch Na Fooey
Scarring Party: Leslie Ann Merrimac
Nichols Family Gospel Hour: The Angel’s Would Have Wept
ECPE: Oh Suannah
Jo Gabriel: Amber
Make a Rising: How’s ’bout a Love Supreme
Jill Tracy: Petrified

Amber~SepiaChord playlist for 3.30.08

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Playlist for the Week Ending 3.30.08

Orion Rigel Dommisse: A Giver
Make a Rising: Bradfords’s Big Boat Ride [Beyond (The Dawn)]
Kim Vermillion: First the Bees…
Nichols Family Gospel Hour: From Mourning to Morning
They Might Be Giants: Lady is a Tramp
12 Rounds: Where Fools Go
David J: Antarctica Starts Here
Ilya E Monosov: I Open My Arms
ECPE: Farther Along
Orchards: Bless Me Moon
Jo Gabriel: Amber
Ex Reverie: The Crowning
Vermillion Lies: Shark Serenade
Life Toward Twilight: The Mirror
Combustible Edison: Pink Victim
Ugly Cassanova: Diamonds on the Face of Evil
Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys: Dark Anne
Luna Tart: Put Down Roots
Tiny Hat Orchestra: Epilogue
Scarring Party: Eye
Those Darned Accordions: Hamsterman
Fire on Fire: Amnesia
Grey DeLisle: Turtle Dove
The New Dress: Where Our Failures Are

Mistress Of Time~ SepiaChord playlist 3.23.08

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Mar 23, 2008 11:41 AM

Playlist for the Week Ending 3.23.08

Be Good Tanyas: Only in the Past
Regina Spektor: Fidelity
Make a Rising: Peaceful Paths
Ex Reverie: Second Son
Alessandro Moreshi: Ave Maria
Ilya E Monosov: Happy Song
Barry Black: The Horrible Truth about Plankton
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash: Long Black Veil
Kim Vermillion: The Day We Met
Blanche: Do You Trust Me?
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: John Finn’s Wife
Oval Portraits: Crying Windows
Vermillion Lies: Found Myself
Nicolas Krassik w/ Beth Carvalho: Luz Negra
Orion Rigel Dommisse: Drink Yourself (to Death)
The Dead Science: Cuz She’s Me
Strawfoot: Achilles Heel
ECPE: Sunrise
Spone: Untitled Theme #63
Jo Gabriel: Mistress of Time
Life Toward Twilight: The Mirror
Dash Rip Rock: Man of Constant Sorrow
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper: Lincoln Logs
Erik Dahlman: Gey Stitliche Gesank Bochlyen
Fern Knight: Bemused
Orchards: The Star’s Advice
Tom Waits: If I Have to Go
Tiger Lillies: Sailors
Thomas Nola et Son Orchestre: Gloomy Sunday
Nicholas Family Gospel Hour: The Angels would have Wept
PJ Harvey: Daddy
Stares: Forget the Souvenirs
Miss Moonshine: It’s Only a Paper Moon
Palodine: How to Use

Yorga’s Songs of Hunting~SepiaChord Playlist 3.16.08

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Mar 16, 2008 5:17 AM

Playlist for the Week Ending 3.16.08

Voltaire: Dead
Swans: Animus
Nichols Family Gospel Hour: The Faithless Man
ECPE: Don’t this Road Look Rough and Rocky
They Might Be Giants: Dinner Bell
Golden Robot Army: The Hi-Life
Split Lip Rayfield: Tennessee
Nicki Jaine: Amsterdam
Tallyman’s Dark OMNIBUS: The Children Playing in the Cemetary
Kim Vermillion: Hurts Like Hell
Ex Reverie: Clouds? or Smoke?
Jo Gabriel: Yorga’s Songs of Hunting
Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans: Can’t Sit Down
Fern Knight: Hawk Mountain
Orion Rigel Dommisse: A Faceless Death
White Stripes: Prickly Thorn, but Sweetly Worn
Squirrel Nut Zippers: It Ain’t You
Brownie McGhee: Betty and Dupree
Magnificent Seven: The Last Waltz
Quiltman: Weendigo Myth
DeVotchka: I Cried Like a Silly Boy
The Choir Practice: I See Things
Vermillion Lies: Long Red Hair
Make a Rising: Transmutation
Black Heart Procession: Tropics of Love
Damon Albarn & Michael Nyman: Trek to the Cave
Orchards: My Song, My Spell (My Prayer, My Pen)
Ilya E Monosov: Ms Desolate
Camper Van Beethoven: Light from a Cake
Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys: feather
16 Horsepower: Sinnerman


“We accept you;one of us Gooba, gabba,gooba,gabba!

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“Juno” makes Sepiachord’s playlist weekend 3.10.08

Hail Sepiachord, the radio inside-!

Hail Juno mysterious;seductive lamp of the night sky-!








Mar 10, 2008 4:21 AM

Playlist for the Week Ending 3.10.08

Siouxsie & the Banshees: Burn Up!
Vermillion Lies: Long Red Hair
Boris the Sprinkler: @n@rchy Bob @t the M@yo Clinic
Jo Gabriel: Juno
Violent Femmes: Lies
Magnificent Seven: April Fools
Bad Things: Death of the Inferno
Legendary Pink Dots: Princess Coldheart 
Bourbon Princess: Dark of Days
Ex Reverie: The Years
Ilya E Monosov: Winter Lullaby
Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys: Russians
Oron Rigel Dommisse: Suicide Kiss (Because Dead)
Lisps: Documents
Tossers: No Fun
Gothic Archies: Dreary, Dreary
Nichols Family Gospel Hour: The Beginning Tragedy

DeadofNight reviews~ The Amber Sessions and The Last Drive In

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Neo classical/Goth pianist and vocalist extrodinare Jo Gabriel has TWO releases out this month that you’ll be hearing a lot of during my broadcasts of The Dead OF Night.


“THE AMBER SESSIONS” are both available through her website at

The Last Drive In is a collection of instrumentals that invokes the feeling and atmospere of those late night horror movie matinees, bringing to mind that other worldly sense of being one step beyond the imagined borders of our reality. Jo seamlessly interweaves both accoustic piano and synth sounds, mounting both tension and drama within the context of every composition to really transport the listener. Where so many artists merely try to achieve that balance of atmosphere and driving sense of movement Jo succeedes and creates and audio soundscape that is above and beyond what you’d ever expect.Track four “There’s A Crack In The Wall” will be featured during my next broadcast, tune in and hear it for yourself.

The Amber Sessions…
Within the context of this body of work the listener is treated to a myriad number of explorative textural movements in sound and composition, at times stark and dissonant, other numbers will simply floor you with a haunting melodic touch seldom heard in so far as it’s vulnerability and artistic scope. Each track on this EP (It’s actually 13 tracks in length)has a unique perspective unto its own. There’s an underlying sense of restless exploration where no definitive is settled on and happily so. This CD is a place you’ll want to get lost in for a while, not caring if you ever find your way back.

I’m not big on rating systems and I don’t think there’s a definitve number of stars you can award work like this, each CD is a truth unto itself and worth owning however, you don’t have to take my word on it, go to Jo’s MySpace page and give her work a listen…