Stay Tuned:”Hunting Down The Ceremony”,”Down The Rabbit Hole Part 1″, and “The Weeds Have Grown So Tall”

And I am currently in the studio working with musician/engineer/filmmaker Wendy Schneider, pulling together a collection of songs that will culminate into an album called “Hunting Down The Ceremony” that I’ll be releasing Summer 2008. 

Hunting is a gathering up of many never before heard tracks, a few new things and songs that have been scattered to the winds on either compilations or currently part of various film soundtracks.

Being particularly prolific these days, I am in the process of developing another album through my own Ephemera called “Down The Rabbit Hole“. This album will be a collection of my first never before heard songs, written between 1990-92. These are the original recorded demos exactly as I sat and played them from their inception in my boxer shorts, drinking coffee at my piano at 3am, cats walking about the house, often on or across the piano keys and me…finally tapping into the identity that was trembling below the surface. It was the time of my pomo epiphany, when I discovered my true artist within. Once I’ve dusted off these relics, I’ll be releasing them as a limited lo fi artist’s special issue.

And presently in the Mothlight laboratory on the slab, is a song starting to breathe called The Weeds Have Grown So Tall- which I am hoping with the confluence of vital forces will entice the brilliant Darius Greene to join in and add some stitches and sparks to!  until “It’s Alive!”


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