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Fools and Orphans~Ninthspace album review

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Jo Gabriel: Fools and Orphans


There are moments in Bulldozer, the opening song from Jo Gabriel’s new album, when Stephanie Rearick’s trumpet heralds the words ‘why should I love you’. These brief but beautiful events mark the most striking difference between this album and its more elaborate (if not immediate) predecessor IslandFools and Orphansdraws away from traditional arrangements to let the songs breathe, and in doing so allows Jo to continue distinguishing herself from the current ’..and piano’ crowd (I like Emm Gryner’s term ‘contemporary nonsensery.’) Few artists have the ability or opportunity to be this daring (mostly down to record label pressures, no doubt) and this successful. Fools and Orphans shines from its own darkness.Kristin Hersh’s The Grotto was an album born out of loss and the resulting reflection on life and relationships. Fools and Orphans is different – its main theme is also loss, but barely offers sanctuary. The Grotto tears me apart and then rebuilds me; Fools and Orphans does the former then leaves a lingering sadness, although it’s more compelling as a result. The open arrangements, often rhythmically fluid and spontaneous are charmingly beautiful and ideal for such stories. It’s up to us to fill in the blanks, to empathise and to draw comparisons with our own lives. Continue reading

Vacant Little Stare~SepiaChord Playlist 5.04.08

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Is Online 

May 4 2008 2:49 AM 

Playlist for the Week Ending 5/4

Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau: Engine No 9
Juan Prophet Organization: Factory
Big Fish Ensemble: I am Woman
Nap Hayes & Matthew Prater: Prater Blues
Festival: Hold off the Earth
Andrew & Jim Baxter: The Moore Girl 
Demonika and the Darklings: Everyday is Halloween 
Make a Rising: Sneffels Yokul
ECPE: Sunrise
Princeton: Leonard Woolf
Painted Saints: Paladin Whine
Jo Gabriel: Vacant Little Stare
Taylor’s Kentucky Boys: Soldier Joy
Alabama Sheiks: Sittin’ on Top of the World
Fern Knight: Loch Na Fooey
Paul Mercer: L’Etoile de Mer
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Crowns make Pigs
Sterilize Stereo: Mary’s Doll
The Other Flesh: Waltzing Down the Road to Hell
Kim Vermillion: Organ Donor’s March
Bauhaus: Who Killed Mr Moonlight?
Grey DeLisle: Bohemian Rhapsody
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club: An Introduction to the Power of Braces: Faith
Ex Reverie: Clouds? or Smoke?
Susan Voelz: Ode to Billy Joe
Kansas City Strummers: Broken Bed Blues
Ditty Bops: Sister Kate
Isobell Campbell & Mark Lanegan: Deus Ibi Est
Voodoo Organist: Ain’t Dead Yet
Vic Chesnutt: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Artists limited addition of Fools and Orphans will be released May 7, 2008

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Check back for more details!

Stay Tuned:”Hunting Down The Ceremony”,”Down The Rabbit Hole Part 1″, and “The Weeds Have Grown So Tall”

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And I am currently in the studio working with musician/engineer/filmmaker Wendy Schneider, pulling together a collection of songs that will culminate into an album called “Hunting Down The Ceremony” that I’ll be releasing Summer 2008. 

Hunting is a gathering up of many never before heard tracks, a few new things and songs that have been scattered to the winds on either compilations or currently part of various film soundtracks.

Being particularly prolific these days, I am in the process of developing another album through my own Ephemera called “Down The Rabbit Hole“. This album will be a collection of my first never before heard songs, written between 1990-92. These are the original recorded demos exactly as I sat and played them from their inception in my boxer shorts, drinking coffee at my piano at 3am, cats walking about the house, often on or across the piano keys and me…finally tapping into the identity that was trembling below the surface. It was the time of my pomo epiphany, when I discovered my true artist within. Once I’ve dusted off these relics, I’ll be releasing them as a limited lo fi artist’s special issue.

And presently in the Mothlight laboratory on the slab, is a song starting to breathe called The Weeds Have Grown So Tall- which I am hoping with the confluence of vital forces will entice the brilliant Darius Greene to join in and add some stitches and sparks to!  until “It’s Alive!”

“Island” SepiaChord’s song of the day!

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Feb 18, 2008 12:26 PM

“Island” by Jo Gabriel is the Sepiachord Song of the Day. 

Jo Gabriel 

Zillo Magazine Interview with Jo Gabriel October 2005

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With which kind of music did you grow up? What did inspire you to make music on your own? Did you have classical training on the piano?

Although it is often assumed that I am classically trained, I resisted any formal instruction as a child and really just allowed a naturalness to my journey so that I could feel unconstrained and impulsive. I allowed my intuitions to breathe. 

I grew up in a very theatrical atmosphere. My mother had been a ballet dancer as a child. She is also an amazing painter. When I was very little, she had begun to immerse herself in the Theatre. I was fascinated by the ambience of the stage. My mother always encouraged my imagination to flourish and so it did run rampant throughout those early years.

I was allowed to stay up late and devour the wonderfully eerie horror flicks of my childhood, which instilled my awe and wonder of the mysterious and the unknown. And the smell of Turpentine often permeated the air in the house when my mom would decide to paint late at night. Usually, I felt really isolated by the outside world growing up, but the environment in my house was ripe for developing an artistic sensibility. And so I started playing the piano. It was like a revelation and a rescue from anything ordinary that threatened to get in. Continue reading

various review excerpts~Island, The Unreachable Sky!

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“New York native Jo Gabriel produces dark, moody and mystical songs pulsating with brilliant harmonies and full of rough edges. For fans of romantic wave-pop, paired with piano – “Island” reminds of 4AD’s This Mortal Coil with its innate sense of strength and warmth.” (Darklight Nocturnal Entertainment review of Island)

“It is first Jo’s voice that drives shivers through you.” “She’s like the musical miracle of Kate Bush, or Tori Amos”. “Her piano is dreamy and opulent and always in harmony.” ’A touch of Romantic Dark Wave that strokes the soul”. (Amboss Magazine review of Island)

“Jo’s piano playing is absolutely stunning, rich and passionate…the delicate quality of her supple, multi-octave voice glimmers with fragility and emotion throughout…”

“Gabriel’s a masterful pianist and her tunes are haunting.” Collective Sounds

Island-“This truly stunning album features the impassioned, distinctive voice of Jo Gabriel against a very moving backdrop of piano and cello. Jo Gabriel is an artist of great talents, making music that is individual, sophisticated, beautiful, and haunting!” Bliss Aquamarine (UK)

“…All the songs have a kind of explosive gentleness where you become pulled through has a strength that shines through and creates a melancholy dreamy sound…”(Blacklight Magazine)

“…This unusually intense and impressive artist, connects the innocently dreamed voice and piano of Tori Amos with the atmospheric best of 4AD… This exceptional artist tells stories, fascinating and ever so fragile; full of emotion…This album is, like the label it describes, indeed heart warming and has unusual songs of full emotion…”( Oblivion Magazine )2005
“Jo Gabriel creates music, dark, tendencyful and mystische tones, which all listeners who love Kate Bush and Loreena McKennitt will be brought into its spell.”(Melting Close Magazine)2005
“Although there is a feeling of seperateness and reverie, this contemplative voice works like a lost dream. But the underlying melancholy of Island is never really sad.Rather it is amazing that this fragile music can cause so many emotions. The pervasive piano is for daydreaming where one’s thoughts can run free.” (Der Medien Konverter,2005)
“Jo Gabriel lies somewhere between Tori Amos and Kate Bush. A little more harmoniously than Mrs. Amos and more dreamy like Mrs. Bush. Musical also a certain proximity would be to be discovered to Loreena McKennitt. Something special at this plate is natural on the one hand this unbelievable great voice, but not only this voice.”( Astan Magazine, 2005)
“Beautiful, fluid melodies conspire with clean production, and the result is music that sneaks into the recesses of the mind–ethereal, yet catchy as hell. But at its core this is mournful music, full of questions and muted unease. And the delicate quality of Ms. Gabriel’s supple, multi-octave voice glimmers with fragility and emotion throughout.” Hannah Fury 2005
 Review of The Unreachable Sky 2003

“… Jo Gabriel’s new album is mostly piano instrumentals, but has some vocal tracks as well. There’s enough tension to ensure the instrumental tracks are brilliant. Gabriel’s a masterful pianist and her tunes are haunting …”(Anna Maria Stjärnell, Collected Sounds-2003)