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The Unreachable Sky ~ artist’s re-issure 2010 Is now available thru Ephemera

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Joey has just released her re-issuing of the classic all instrumental album, originally available thru Faithstrange, now exclusively through her own Ephemera. It’s a haunting journey, and as Joey describes it, part of her elemental series, this being her air album. For those of you who have already been fans of this work, or would like to introduce yourself to something very special out of Joey’s repertoire, this album is an elegant, stark and ethereal listen that you won’t regret.

Behave, the good sister Cleophas!


The Unreachable Sky~ re-issue thru Ephemera July 1st release

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Coming soon July 1st, 2010 the re-issuing of The Unreachable Sky. Long since out of print, contains none of the original vocal pieces and adds a few additional instrumental expressions. The good sister is proud to announce the re release of this stark and splendid musical work by Jo~


The Good Sister Cleophas

Delusions of Adequacy interview with Jo Gabriel by Jen Stratosphere Fanzine

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Jo’s very personal interview with Jen Delaney of Stratosphere Fanzine and Delusions of Adequacy was released today! It’s probably the most telling expose/interview yet. The good sister hopes you spend a little time with our little joey, getting to know her a little better.

We thank Jen for all the time and effort she put into this interview.

Be good brothers and sisters

The Good Sister Cleophas

The Unreachable Sky re-issue 2008 thru Ephemera!

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I will be reissuing The Unreachable Sky through Ephemera Records Summer 2008, as an exclusively instrumental album with 2 NEW! added tracks as a bonus~!

Wind and Wire review~ The Unreachable Sky 2003

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Wind and Wire

Review by Bill Binkelman

Full review:

Review of The Unreachable Sky (2003)

“… Here’s an intriguing album comprised of both instrumental and a few vocal tracks. Jo Gabriel plays piano, electric guitar, and keyboard samples and is possessed of a singing voice that reminds me of a combination of Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos; she has that combination of raw human emotion and a multi-octave range that either appeals to a person or doesn’t. I doubt that anyone who hears her on the several vocal tracks will have a neutral reaction. Myself, I found her style intensely intimate and well-suited for integration with the somber and minimal piano-driven instrumental songs …”

“… While some songs feature prominent use of sampled instruments, Gabriel’s piano is far and away the main attraction here, and she has the chops to make it worthwhile listening. If you usually find “new age” music piano to be too sweet and undemanding, you won’t have that reaction here, trust me. Yet, seldom is The Unreachable Sky inaccessible or abrasive. Unconventional, yes, but not overly formidable …”

“… On the whole, though, The Unreachable Sky is worthwhile if you enjoy moody piano music, along with some sampled keyboards (mostly strings) and a few vocal tracks here and there. I don’t know that you could classify this as ambient music, and it sure isn’t new age or adult contemporary. In some ways, it cleaves closer to neo-classical, especially with how Gabriel plays her piano (her technique really is quite good). There are also some avant garde elements and a bit of Projekt-type goth/shoegazer mixed in there as well …”