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Delusions of Adequacy interview with Jo Gabriel by Jen Stratosphere Fanzine

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Jo’s very personal interview with Jen Delaney of Stratosphere Fanzine and Delusions of Adequacy was released today! It’s probably the most telling expose/interview yet. The good sister hopes you spend a little time with our little joey, getting to know her a little better.

We thank Jen for all the time and effort she put into this interview.

Be good brothers and sisters

The Good Sister Cleophas


Jo’s got a new Live performance video with Matt Turner on cello at the historic Smart Studio

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Joey just finished a live performance video with the incredible Matt Turner on Cello. She decided to do a version of Mothlight off her 2007 album The Amber Sessions.

It was an absolute honor to be able to play amongst the ghostly atmosphere that remains at Butch Vig’s Smart Studio, known notable for having the album from Nirvana’s Nevermind as well as Smashing Pumpkins and Depeche Mode having recorded there.

The video should be ready soon for viewing.

Special thanks go out to Mike Zirkel and Wendy Schneider for shooting the footage of our performance.

Jo thinks it resembles an upper east side salon setting, in Ira Levin’s living room.

Matt Turner was exceptional as always. Even with Joey’s back turned to him, the vibes were pulsing through and magically blended two instruments into  sonic  poetry.

In My Head, She Said. launching of a website for interesting women of all types!

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This fantastic project underway is looking for submissions by creative women of all genres to add their input and speak their mind. It’s an alternative way for diverse women to express themselves. Featuring very notable women and promises to be a very engaging project for all participants and readers alike.

Visit the website and submit your own person thoughts ~I’ve already given some of my input!

Cheers from Joey

Sister Cleophas says, this time you don’t have to behave!

Available now! “Hunting Down The Ceremony” 2 Volume retrospective Jo Gabriel

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The good Sister is elated to announce the official release day of Hunting Down The Ceremony. Joey’s 2 Volume retrospective album of rare, out of print, and miscellaneous songs. Be a devout fan and worship Joey’s prolific little heart.

Bless You

Sister Cleophas

Purchase TrakWerx Collective LightWerx George Melie

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Various Trakwerx Releases! 2009 featuring The Trakwerx Collective & Jo Gabriel

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The good sister Cleophas would like to announce that~
Trakwerx has updated their myspace page to include some of the material recorded for our Melies Project as well as a new photo collage with all 5 of the new Trakwerx releases
Lightwerx: Melies DVD- Featuring our lovely Joey opening with The Conjuror and Gods of Electricity!

Lightwerx: Tarzan DVD

Lightwerx: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari DVD

17 Pygmies: The Outlaw J.D. Ray

Smoldering Ashes: Songs in the Key of Mountain Birds Blue

Local Sounds Magazine review of Fools and Orphans by Rick Tvedt

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Kulturterrorismus review of Fools and Orphans! April ’09

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An emotional homage to the dear beast!

VÖ: 2009 label: Kalinkaland record

Category: Gothic, Pop, classical period

In the case of Kalinkaland the bent consumer shank may look forward record publications, which Harald Löwy (Chandeen) gives the light of the world, exclusively to extremely high-quality material, why Jo Gabriel gives the American multi-talent from the label repertoire, a successful conception with the CD “Fools and Orphans” after the Vorgängeroeuvre “Iceland” from 2005. Those new Yorkerin publishes actively clay/tone art, which offers a sensitive symbiosis from Gothic & Pop since 2003, which with classical element airs accentuation finds and itself fast embodied in the spirit.

Women are already amusing natures, otherwise they became their animals any longer do not love than their partners, to be why so some man wishes himself, a horse or a cat – no joke! The American Jo Gabriel seems to also belong these before described groups of women, otherwise “Fools and Orphans” would not be sentimental homage to its deceased cat Angeline (alias Victorine), which belonged to the race Abyssinian, which originally originates from Egypt. Also David Tibet (Current93) presented similar musical processings, where those likewise stood for consumer shank before the choice: “Kitsch – or no? ” might lie, with Jo Gabriel the answer also in the eye of the viewer, since it speaks the topic partially very daringly. To the better view a text quotation from the TRACK `How The Devils of case in Love’:

This is how the devil if
This is how he if into love
The devil if into love you lake
Oh Victorine, Oh Victorine,
You buried ME, alive


Wave I can’t breathe without you here
It’s NO good without you here
I don’t know why you’re emergency here…

Those, which favor moving like dragging along texts with emotions purely, get these from Jo Gabriel on “Fools and Orphans” kredenzt – very finely!

The Frontcover makes a fuss a photograph of the fig. “RK the Crossroads” (original title: Tienhaarassa) from the year 1896 of that Finnish exception painter Hugo Simberg (1873 – 1917), which in the Kunstmuseum Ateneum in Helsinki (Finland) hangs.

The one which can be heard the clay/tone art on the long player “Fools and Orphans”, might seem to European coined/shaped Gehörgängen first quite uncommonly, but after some hearing runs to more, into the spell to pull, since Jo Gabriel a extravagante Melange revealed, which arouses Gothic, Pop and classical period combined & the appearance, as if the Mr. matte Howden (seven) and Flavio Rivabella (the acquaintance post office manufacturer Trompeter) her fingers in the play would have had. This work brought the versatile musician in Jo Gabriel (piano, singing, key board, boat operator piano) with the following participants: Linda Mackley (Percussion), matt Turner (cello), Marks of Urness (bass) Stephanie Rearick (trumpet), Hannah Fury (singing) and Jeff Ladd (singing), whereby the synthesis of the arts lights up very variedly from the boxes & receives a special charm. Bent listener circles, which argue primarily with the fastidious releases as from matt Howden (seven), should test absolutely Jo Gabriel once, those in the special one by their emotional like gentle singing achievement and their varied compositions, which are based as far as possible on Pianopartituren, convinced.

“Fools and Orphans” represents a lining up of Anspieltipps, but the ear worm at all is the clay/tone document `Bulldozer’, which sensitive Pianospiel, which merges voice of Jo Gabriel and trumpet sounds of Stephanie the Rearick into a highlight – my absolute recommendation!


The dear beast (R.I.P.) does not stay unfortunately any longer among us and hunts in the eternal hunt reasons of mice in the abundance, but and Orphans” remains for us a melancholy dreamed publication of the top class with “Fools, which does not intend majorities for itself wins, but Musikfetischisten betört, which consumes fastidious clay/tone art, which swings between modern trend and classical period. Those, which estimate expression-strong woman voices, must test Jo Gabriel – my recommendation!

You find hearing examples and further information to Jo Gabriel under the following left:


Mick Mercer’s book “Music To Die For”~ is now available!

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This is the 5th book by notable music writer Mick Mercer who in this edition is covering Gothic artists all over the world. Jo is honored to have been included in this fabulous book.

Please visit the link below to purchase from Cherry Red Books Publishing.


MonsterGirl Lives!!! The Last Drive In blog stirs~”It’s Alive It’s Alive”!

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Jo has finally contributed some of her thoughts to her The Last Drive In blog as MonsterGirl... The name she was given as the little bullied girl who because of her love of horror, suspense and Sci-Fi found a way to escape the everyday madness of growing up a strange, sensitive and creative soul.

She’s written a series of essays most recently about Boris Karloff’s Television Anthology series Thriller. This is just the beginning of the various subjects MonsterGirl will cover in the weeks ahead.

Please stay tuned and journey to The Last Drive In if you should feel the urge!

SWEET DREAMS ALL…and don’t forget to look under the bed!

Validation of a Tribal Matron

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Validation of a Tribal Matron 

I am a fierce observer of synchronicity. This morning’s evidence of it’s confluence tapped me on the shoulder yet again and drew my attention to a book sitting discretely tucked away in a shelf at a friend’s house where I was caring for their two regal elderly felines. In synchronicities usual fashion it lures me to gaze upon something that holds a not so hidden message for me that the universe feels I need to be aware of at that moment. And sometimes it’s just to let me know that the everyday magic is checking in with me merely to say Hello Joey, I’m still here. 

And so i felt compelled to grab this little yellow book and glance inside it’s pages using the ritual art of Stichomancy to find the clues that synchronicity had been leading me to. And there it was~ along side a reference to the Angel “Gabriel”
so i knew I was on the right track, and yet a few lines further was an additional reference to the protagonist’s Lily laying in bed on July 1st, which of course is my birth date!

And what opened this first chapter was a quote that resonated with me so strongly that I felt I had to share it. The book opens with this~

The Queen for her part, is the unifying force of the community;if she is removed from the hive, the workers very quickly sense her absence. After a few hours, or even less, they show unmistakable signs of “Queenlessness”!
-Man and Insects-

Which sort of sums up the sense of chaos and longing that ensues once I have left my domicile even for just an hour or so. I see the evidence of it on their faces once I’ve returned home.
I had left them to ache and stir without their queen, but a good queen also longs to come back to her beloved community and so i too feel a sense of urgency to get back to my incredible tribe of cats
as I hate to be away from them for even one minute!

Now I shall go make some cawfee and begin reading ” The Secret Life Of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd, because synchronicity has yet again tapped me on the shoulder and there must be so many gems of wisdom and universal messages for me to glean from this masterpiece.~ One thing is clear 
from the quote~ that i am reminded how “i” so strongly love and am loved in return~

blessed be~



Currently reading : 
The Secret Life of Bees 
By Sue Monk Kidd 
Release date: 28 January, 2003