They Might Be Poltergeists

Saturday, March 08, 2008

They Might Be Poltergeists :

It’s difficult enough when you find yourself besieged by insomnia, as I have been of late..
But far worse is lying in what would normally be a welcoming lovely black embrace of night yet has become the “abject” darkness.As I lay appealing to the keepers of the somnolent domain where all dreams go to exhale and extinguish the day, i find no relief. I am but in exile from the land of sleep. There I am languishing in a vast ravine, a bottomless chasm of wakefulness and so every ensuing noise becomes a torture, the night feels terminal. 

-The Tell Tale Heart-Edgar Allan Poe
TRUE!-nervous -very very dreadfully nervous I had been and am;but why will you say I am mad?The disease had sharpened my senses- 

On that poignant note~to make the case of my insomnia worse there begins an onslaught of inextricable noises from indistinguishable regions of the house. And in my hyper state of restless madness I think “they might be poltergeists!”

Ghastly fiends and forces at work that are causing crescendos of thuds and crashing objects flying off shelves and table tops! These nocturnal tirades are not welcome here, not when the slightest creek and wisp prolongs my agony, of tormented cognizance.
What provokes me here? Yes, I think ” they might be poltergeists”

Feverish, I cannot, no, I will not arise from this bed to investigate. Even if the siege continues on til daybreak. Smash, crack! Bang! Bang! again another bang! louder than the last! And then, 

sudden and utter ‘SILENCE”-

A quiet falls over the house like a velvet blanket, a benediction to the sanctity of soundless exquisite nothingness~

And then I hear it~ the soft and lulling purring of Mishka my tumultuous, impetuous,
little marbled bengal tabby who having finished her purgative rampage or (perhaps she is secretly practicing for an audition for the Cirque du soleil ) settles herself down on my pillow, wrapping herself around my head. Her sweet cathartic motor, trickles and hums until we both fall asleep.

I guess ” they weren’t poltergeists after all!”

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