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Delusions of Adequacy interview with Jo Gabriel by Jen Stratosphere Fanzine

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Jo’s very personal interview with Jen Delaney of Stratosphere Fanzine and Delusions of Adequacy was released today! It’s probably the most telling expose/interview yet. The good sister hopes you spend a little time with our little joey, getting to know her a little better.

We thank Jen for all the time and effort she put into this interview.

Be good brothers and sisters

The Good Sister Cleophas

In My Head, She Said. launching of a website for interesting women of all types!

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This fantastic project underway is looking for submissions by creative women of all genres to add their input and speak their mind. It’s an alternative way for diverse women to express themselves. Featuring very notable women and promises to be a very engaging project for all participants and readers alike.

Visit the website and submit your own person thoughts ~I’ve already given some of my input!

Cheers from Joey

Sister Cleophas says, this time you don’t have to behave!

Purchase TrakWerx Collective LightWerx George Melie

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Hunting Down The Ceremony Winter 2010 release!

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The master is finished! The art is in the works. Chris at Sooper Dooper is just waiting on Joey to drop off the goods! Double album old style cardboard sleeves.


Watch Out ~Raindance Film Festival~Nominated Best Picture!

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Matt Riddlehoover’s blog~ great news for the upcoming film Watch Out~

The Stop Turning Me On Tour is on the move!

MonsterGirl Lives!!! The Last Drive In blog stirs~”It’s Alive It’s Alive”!

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Jo has finally contributed some of her thoughts to her The Last Drive In blog as MonsterGirl... The name she was given as the little bullied girl who because of her love of horror, suspense and Sci-Fi found a way to escape the everyday madness of growing up a strange, sensitive and creative soul.

She’s written a series of essays most recently about Boris Karloff’s Television Anthology series Thriller. This is just the beginning of the various subjects MonsterGirl will cover in the weeks ahead.

Please stay tuned and journey to The Last Drive In if you should feel the urge!

SWEET DREAMS ALL…and don’t forget to look under the bed!

Felinaes Interruptus!

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Monday, March 31, 2008




This is a purrfect example of Felinaes Interruptus!
a phrase that I thought of today, which might already exist in the everyday vernacular of the extraordinary cat lover. And if not, a phrase is born~

Hail to the cat who will never allow us the task to be done great or small~

we love you despite the constant distractions and carefully guided acts of misdirection !!!!

A Tribal Matron~


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