Validation of a Tribal Matron

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Validation of a Tribal Matron 

I am a fierce observer of synchronicity. This morning’s evidence of it’s confluence tapped me on the shoulder yet again and drew my attention to a book sitting discretely tucked away in a shelf at a friend’s house where I was caring for their two regal elderly felines. In synchronicities usual fashion it lures me to gaze upon something that holds a not so hidden message for me that the universe feels I need to be aware of at that moment. And sometimes it’s just to let me know that the everyday magic is checking in with me merely to say Hello Joey, I’m still here. 

And so i felt compelled to grab this little yellow book and glance inside it’s pages using the ritual art of Stichomancy to find the clues that synchronicity had been leading me to. And there it was~ along side a reference to the Angel “Gabriel”
so i knew I was on the right track, and yet a few lines further was an additional reference to the protagonist’s Lily laying in bed on July 1st, which of course is my birth date!

And what opened this first chapter was a quote that resonated with me so strongly that I felt I had to share it. The book opens with this~

The Queen for her part, is the unifying force of the community;if she is removed from the hive, the workers very quickly sense her absence. After a few hours, or even less, they show unmistakable signs of “Queenlessness”!
-Man and Insects-

Which sort of sums up the sense of chaos and longing that ensues once I have left my domicile even for just an hour or so. I see the evidence of it on their faces once I’ve returned home.
I had left them to ache and stir without their queen, but a good queen also longs to come back to her beloved community and so i too feel a sense of urgency to get back to my incredible tribe of cats
as I hate to be away from them for even one minute!

Now I shall go make some cawfee and begin reading ” The Secret Life Of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd, because synchronicity has yet again tapped me on the shoulder and there must be so many gems of wisdom and universal messages for me to glean from this masterpiece.~ One thing is clear 
from the quote~ that i am reminded how “i” so strongly love and am loved in return~

blessed be~



Currently reading : 
The Secret Life of Bees 
By Sue Monk Kidd 
Release date: 28 January, 2003 


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