Found reviews of Fools and Orphans Prikosnovenie & Elektrauma


(albums d’autres labels indépendants et/ou étrangers distribués par Prikosnovénie)

An angelic voice acute arises on a piano rather dramatic orchestrations of cello. Jo Gabriel is a songwriter in the tradition of Louisa John-Krol and Kate Bush

in German

As best I can get close to from Babble Fish!
There it is, completely unpretentiously, sits before its piano. And then it catches to sing on – no, it does not sing, it dips into another world. Which Jo Gabriel, one of the many talentierten, but nearly surveyed Singer more /Songwriter of America of their piano at warm and entrückten tones takes out, borders already on a small miracle. And then is there still Jo Gabriel, which up-loads itself completely the music given and their voice with so much feeling and emotion, as it is heard only rarely. The fact that the comparison with Kate Bush, Joanna Newsom or also Laura Nyro is there also fast set cannot be excluded there. But Jo feels honoured with such female star to be compared. On „Fools and Orphans “anyhow, Gabriels of second outputs on Kalinkaland records, are these marvelous dream melodies, which remind magnificent album perhaps still far away of Chandeens „Echoes “. But one notices the American impact with Jo Gabriel simply clearly, which is not at all negatively meant. Already „OF Love and Ether “comes with unbelievably voluminösen Pianolinien, which complement each other perfectly with the voice of Jo. Sometimes it creates it, as with „Vacant Little Stare “, with its Kieksern and stimmlichen estimates a träumerische, nearly already entrückte atmosphere to create. Here simply everything is correct, from first to the last note. Jo Gabriel is whole with itself, and one hears. And that is simply only indescribably beautiful.



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