Mike Fazio contributes to Textura’s new release Kubla Khan

Jo’s long time friend and collaborator Mike Fazio contributes a stunning piece “Waning Moon Over Sunless Sea”  for Textura’s new Kubla Khan project 




1. The Retail Sectors: “Precarious Awakening” (5:51)
2. Alexander Turnquist: “Fragments Vaulted Like Rebounding Hail” (17:25)
3. Ryan Francesconi: “Parables” (5:41)
4. Ryan Francesconi & Lili De La Mora: “Green To Red” (3:10)
5. Ryan Francesconi: “Deep Rivers Run Quiet” (4:13)
6. orchestramaxfieldparrish: “Waning Moon Over Sunless Sea” (18:44)
7. The Retail Sectors: “The Ever-Changing Scene” (6:46)

Despite the artists’ stylistic differences, Kubla Khan‘s admittedly disparate parts coalesce to deliver a resplendent listening experience that feels immensely satisfying and whole.

Since 1999, Mike Fazio has issued solo material under the orchestramaxfieldparrish guise and since 2005 been active as one-half of the experimental ambient-industrial outfit Gods of Electricity. Fazio’s symphonic sculpting of electric guitar- and pedal steel guitar-generated sounds is heard to marvelous effect on the frozen vistas of orchestral sweep comprising his recent release The Silent Breath of Emptiness. Drifting chords and sustained tones coalesce into metallic soundscapes of lyrical beauty during the work’s five connecting parts.


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