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Poison In The Well~ airplay on Epileptic Gibbon Podcast Music Show

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From across the pond Poison In The Well  which is the last track off of Fools and Orphans gets some airplay at Eppy Gibbons wonderful radio show!

Please stop by and listen to his deliciously eclectic taste in music~

Cheers to all my pals and fans across the pond~Joey

Fools and Orphans~Credits revealed and gratitudes acknowledged

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Fools and Orphans: Credits-Musicians

  JO GABRIEL– Piano, Vox, Korg, my concertina (Ruby) who made a lovely sound when I squeezed her

LINDA MACKLEY– tympani, cymbals, and the bag of magic rebar scraps


MARK URNESS-upright bass bowed bass (“Bertha and her bee hive“)


WENDY SCHNEIDER– guitar, and the little machine that could drone on Firefly

WINGS OF ARGOSY CHOIR-birds communing- on Of Love and Ether

ISIS the Siamese cat– yowling to go out on How the Devil Falls in Love

JEFF LADD– additional vocals on Bonus Track~ Heavy

and special guest appearance by HANNAH FURY-additional vocals on The Habits of Shadows


*All songs written, arranged and produced by JO GABRIEL*
*Vacant Little StareHeavy, and How The Devil Falls In Love were originally recorded and mixed by Mike Fazio at Luna County Observatory New York – Of Love and Ether and God Grant She Lye Still -originally recorded by Mike Fazio at Luna County Observatory- New York. with additional track elements added + recorded at Coney Island Madison WI. All other songs recorded and mixed by Wendy Schneider at Coney Island Recording Studio Madison Wi. Fools and Orphans mastered by Tom Blain in the barn- at Ultimate Audio- Evansville WI.

CD -Cover Painting: Artist – Hugo Simberg : At the Crossroads, 1896 (“Tienhaarassa”) courtesy of Ateneum Art Museum ,Central Art Archives -Photographed by – Hannu Aaltonen – Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki


To Wendy Christensen my partner in life and love who I not only fiercely admire and adore but who revels in my ways with wonder and devotion. Linda Mackley for continuing to bring me her incredible thunder amidst my rain. I could not play without her! Wendy Schneider for her boundless tenacity in getting things done and rocking the world every step of the way. Hannah Fury who’s relentless support and friendship got me through many restless days and nights, forging our sisterhood and bringing her own style of inimitable beauty of sight and sound into the world. To Mike Fazio for his ability to sculpt sound so masterfully and for all the coffee and cold glasses of Stella Artois. To all the incredible musicians who contributed their musical voices to this album and made it shimmer. To M.Scott Young who graciously allowed me to rummage through his Plenty Room and for the use of his tympanis.To my beloved feline tribe still here with me, I owe you all the credit for my joy! Boo, Oliver ,The Zazu bear, George “Yorga Banoushe” Hermione “Mishka” Annie “the Schpoody” with the pinkest of noses, Ms. Daisy A’Dare, Laszlo and Gerty Mae Brown. And to those who have moved onto Summerland Nicholas, The Groots, Sophie Shaloolie, Boris Pinsky, Milo “Beast”, and of course my wonderful Angeline.To my beloved Starkweather Creek who’s beautiful serenity is evidence of Heaven. And once again Harald Lowy + Kalinkaland for continuing to believe in me.


This album was created in memory not only of the beloved feline companions I have lost along the way but in particular to The Lady Cat, Angeline (alias: Victorine) my extraordinary Abyssinian who left here too soon and took away with her a vital piece of my heart. I have written How The Devil Falls In Love for her. It is she who inspired the theme of loss, longing and madness that drives Fools and Orphans. “Dear Angeline, living without you here has buried me alive” I’ll see you all again someday~

Blessed Be- Jo Gabriel PS: Dear Beast, I didn’t get out of the water!