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Orkus Magazine~review of “Island”by Doreen Krase 2005

Posted in Island with tags , , , on September 5, 2005 by Sister Cleophas

“Jo Gabriel is a woman full of contrasts: “tough and strong” her appearance seems “so delicate and sensitive” both are true of her essence and the “visual impact” of her new album Island”

Island is inspired by the dark, mystical sides and moods of life, like a warm embrace caressing the listener with a spherical playful piano and synthesizer, a stroke of achingly expressive cello and guitar harmonies stroke the ear.

“Jo’s voice is the strongest instrument, that makes other accompaniments appear unnecessary, and which she uses in a manner actually like the voice of the universe. But it is a universal language that Jo Gabriel uses to perfection and which dominates Island Island is “By far one of the most beautiful albums of the year”.