Jo Gabriel @ Rolling Stone Magazine on line ~

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  • well it’s not like I’m on their radar but at least I’m under !!!!
  • Maybe someone there could finally do a little review



Found gem Local Bravo to Jo Gabriel by Rick Tvedt~review of Island 2006

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the good sister just stumbled onto this wonderful review in localssoundsmagazine by notable Madison music reviewer Rick Tvedt! And Joey thought she was invisible here in Madison.

Bless You Rick!


Award Winning Documentary on Self Injury enters 3rd Year Of Screenings CORNELL UNIVERSITY to Host Fall Kick Off, 9/17/09.

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CUT_posterJo is very happy to have contributed her score Longer to this very poignant and relevant documentary.Cut continues to garner kudos and awareness to this very pressing issue that effects so many teens.

If you know someone who self injures or you yourself struggle with this yourself please seek out the info at the bottom. Be safe and let love in. You’re not alone….

Peace~ Joey

Media Contact: Dir.Wendy Schneider, 608.239.5771 or

Film previews:

This month, the award winning documentary, CUT: Teens and Self Injury featuring Shirley Manson, will begin its third year of screenings at colleges across the US.
Cornell University will host an event and panel discussion on September 17th with director Wendy Schneider and Janis Whitlock, director of the Cornell Research Program on Self-Injurious Behavior in Adolescents and Young Adults.  Schneider’s screening events bring much needed awareness and education around the issue of self-injury at a time when incident rates are increasing and schools look for resources to disseminate.
“This is a subject that has long been swept under the carpet,” said Shirley Manson. “It needs to be talked about and it  needs to be talked about now.”
Manson said she once used cutting to cope with feelings of loss and desperation, and only when she discovered a  different outlet in music could she begin to recover. She’s not alone – it’s estimated that about one percent of Americans experience self-harm.
Several teens in various stages of recovery as well as mental health professionals dedicated to helping them join Manson in candid interviews in the shortsubject documentary.
The film also features professionals from  S.A.F.E. Alternatives in Chicago, one of the nation’s leading providers dedicated to exclusively treating self harm. “Cut addresses an aspect of self-harm that is extremely prevalent,” says Karen Contrario of S.A.F.E. Alternatives. “No school, library or counselor should be without this provocative and educational film.”
CUT has screened over 100 times in the US and Canada since premiering at the Wisconsin Film Festival in 2007. It was also an official selection at last year’s  annual American Psychologial Society convention in Boston, MA.


CUT: Teens and Self Injury provides an intimate look at a largely unacknowledged problem that affects thousands of young people, their families and friends. Using the words, music and artwork of the teens themselves, director Wendy Schneider draws back the curtain on the sensationalism and secrecy surrounding the cycle of self-harm and brings this hidden issue into sharp, clear focus. As teens articulate their experience with self-injury, we see them begin to confront both their urges and their deepest feelings. Personal struggles are offset by interviews with parents and mental health professionals who address the problem from a broader context, and by rock icon Shirley Manson, who shares her own experience with self-injury. Compelling, incisive and profoundly moving, CUT issues a call to bring the problem of self-injury out of the shadows and reminds us that the first step towards healing is an honest acknowledgment of reality.

Musical Discoveries reviews Fools and Orphans!

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Russ Elliot Editor in Chief at Musical Discoveries has once again honored me with a fabulous review of Fools and Orphans. Thanks again old friend, you really touched my heart with this one!

mdlogo Italian magazine review of Fools and Orphans

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An excerpt using english translation

Jo Gabriel: Fools and Orphans (CD – Kalinkaland, 2009). Jo Gabriel is original of New York. It has learned alone to play the pianoforte, sings and it writes songs. She is author of a POP d’ author with sends back more or less explicit to sure things of Kate Bush and old school 4AD, distinguishing itself for an exquisitely etereo taste that pervade the songs, probably thanks all’ shrewed use of the pianoforte and sporadic arches that they caress the pieces sweetly. The orchestrali agreements to the times have of touch cameristici, also always remaining attention to remain in penumbra in order to leave space the absolute protagonist. Of its Jo Gabriel much passion puts us and a discreet originality.

Kulturterrorismus review of Fools and Orphans! April ’09

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An emotional homage to the dear beast!

VÖ: 2009 label: Kalinkaland record

Category: Gothic, Pop, classical period

In the case of Kalinkaland the bent consumer shank may look forward record publications, which Harald Löwy (Chandeen) gives the light of the world, exclusively to extremely high-quality material, why Jo Gabriel gives the American multi-talent from the label repertoire, a successful conception with the CD “Fools and Orphans” after the Vorgängeroeuvre “Iceland” from 2005. Those new Yorkerin publishes actively clay/tone art, which offers a sensitive symbiosis from Gothic & Pop since 2003, which with classical element airs accentuation finds and itself fast embodied in the spirit.

Women are already amusing natures, otherwise they became their animals any longer do not love than their partners, to be why so some man wishes himself, a horse or a cat – no joke! The American Jo Gabriel seems to also belong these before described groups of women, otherwise “Fools and Orphans” would not be sentimental homage to its deceased cat Angeline (alias Victorine), which belonged to the race Abyssinian, which originally originates from Egypt. Also David Tibet (Current93) presented similar musical processings, where those likewise stood for consumer shank before the choice: “Kitsch – or no? ” might lie, with Jo Gabriel the answer also in the eye of the viewer, since it speaks the topic partially very daringly. To the better view a text quotation from the TRACK `How The Devils of case in Love’:

This is how the devil if
This is how he if into love
The devil if into love you lake
Oh Victorine, Oh Victorine,
You buried ME, alive


Wave I can’t breathe without you here
It’s NO good without you here
I don’t know why you’re emergency here…

Those, which favor moving like dragging along texts with emotions purely, get these from Jo Gabriel on “Fools and Orphans” kredenzt – very finely!

The Frontcover makes a fuss a photograph of the fig. “RK the Crossroads” (original title: Tienhaarassa) from the year 1896 of that Finnish exception painter Hugo Simberg (1873 – 1917), which in the Kunstmuseum Ateneum in Helsinki (Finland) hangs.

The one which can be heard the clay/tone art on the long player “Fools and Orphans”, might seem to European coined/shaped Gehörgängen first quite uncommonly, but after some hearing runs to more, into the spell to pull, since Jo Gabriel a extravagante Melange revealed, which arouses Gothic, Pop and classical period combined & the appearance, as if the Mr. matte Howden (seven) and Flavio Rivabella (the acquaintance post office manufacturer Trompeter) her fingers in the play would have had. This work brought the versatile musician in Jo Gabriel (piano, singing, key board, boat operator piano) with the following participants: Linda Mackley (Percussion), matt Turner (cello), Marks of Urness (bass) Stephanie Rearick (trumpet), Hannah Fury (singing) and Jeff Ladd (singing), whereby the synthesis of the arts lights up very variedly from the boxes & receives a special charm. Bent listener circles, which argue primarily with the fastidious releases as from matt Howden (seven), should test absolutely Jo Gabriel once, those in the special one by their emotional like gentle singing achievement and their varied compositions, which are based as far as possible on Pianopartituren, convinced.

“Fools and Orphans” represents a lining up of Anspieltipps, but the ear worm at all is the clay/tone document `Bulldozer’, which sensitive Pianospiel, which merges voice of Jo Gabriel and trumpet sounds of Stephanie the Rearick into a highlight – my absolute recommendation!


The dear beast (R.I.P.) does not stay unfortunately any longer among us and hunts in the eternal hunt reasons of mice in the abundance, but and Orphans” remains for us a melancholy dreamed publication of the top class with “Fools, which does not intend majorities for itself wins, but Musikfetischisten betört, which consumes fastidious clay/tone art, which swings between modern trend and classical period. Those, which estimate expression-strong woman voices, must test Jo Gabriel – my recommendation!

You find hearing examples and further information to Jo Gabriel under the following left:


Kalinkaland Records releases the official European version of Fools And Orphans March 13th!

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Mick Mercer’s book “Music To Die For”~ is now available!

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This is the 5th book by notable music writer Mick Mercer who in this edition is covering Gothic artists all over the world. Jo is honored to have been included in this fabulous book.

Please visit the link below to purchase from Cherry Red Books Publishing.


Delusions of Adequacy review; Fools and Orphans by the fabulous Jen of Stratosphere Fanzine

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SepiaChord’s wonderful Album Review of Fools and Orphans!

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Fools and Orphans~Ninthspace album review

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Jo Gabriel: Fools and Orphans


There are moments in Bulldozer, the opening song from Jo Gabriel’s new album, when Stephanie Rearick’s trumpet heralds the words ‘why should I love you’. These brief but beautiful events mark the most striking difference between this album and its more elaborate (if not immediate) predecessor IslandFools and Orphansdraws away from traditional arrangements to let the songs breathe, and in doing so allows Jo to continue distinguishing herself from the current ’..and piano’ crowd (I like Emm Gryner’s term ‘contemporary nonsensery.’) Few artists have the ability or opportunity to be this daring (mostly down to record label pressures, no doubt) and this successful. Fools and Orphans shines from its own darkness.Kristin Hersh’s The Grotto was an album born out of loss and the resulting reflection on life and relationships. Fools and Orphans is different – its main theme is also loss, but barely offers sanctuary. The Grotto tears me apart and then rebuilds me; Fools and Orphans does the former then leaves a lingering sadness, although it’s more compelling as a result. The open arrangements, often rhythmically fluid and spontaneous are charmingly beautiful and ideal for such stories. It’s up to us to fill in the blanks, to empathise and to draw comparisons with our own lives. Continue reading

Wears The Trousers Magazine~Introducing Jo Gabriel:review/interview by Alan Pedder

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Organ reviews,Album of the Week:Fools&Orphans~constructing the scaffolding to room c7h5no3s

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At the risk of sounding too saccharin~upon reading Organ Magazine’s glorious review and having the honor bestowed upon me for having Fools and Orphans make Album of the Week~I really did CRY again!~
How did they know that I often feel like a person secretly singing in a dusty old theatre~!
It seems that I have some incredible support from across the pond these days~I’ll never truly be able to express my gratitude properly…

Organ Magazine and Resonance 104.4fm radio Sunday night’s pm London time~ is the sort of finger on the pulse of what we artists hope for~Organ mines for the essential qualities of authenticity and originality~ I’ve discovered a few incredible artists myself because of Organ’s relentless pursuit of the finer art of excavating our music culture!

If these wonderful reviews keep pouring forth, I fear that scaffolding might get to be quite tall~ and geez~ I have an awful fear of heights~

Thank you again Organ, Sean and the marvelous Biddy the Cat!




JO GABRIEL – Fools And Orphans (Ephemera) – Her previous two mostly instrumental albums (reviewed a couple of weeks back) were delicious appetizers. No, that’s wrong, far far far more than just appetizers, that was very rude of us – beautiful instrumental rays of delicate glowing musical sunshine, wonderful things, we expected more of the same, we were looking forward to more of the same. We’ve been saving this up until the right moment for first listen and that moment that demanded we stop everything and partake in the anticipated delights. We really didn’t expect all those delicate shinny lyrical trinkets catching the warm sunlight. We didn’t expect a whole album of beautiful songs and words and a voice every bit as beautiful as the rightly anticipated instrumental warmth. Beautiful delicate songs, strong songs, quietly strong songs, twelve gorgeous piano led pieces of aural delight and honey poured in to a glass, songs and tunes alive with delicious detail. Delicate organic cello and concertina and Siamese cat-yowling and the habits of shadows. Songs that sit in the sun and uncoil with happy lazy cats and distant singing birds and oxygen and dancing light and a spell of delirium. Oh look, this is just too beautifully good to be here trying to write about it with mere words, I really don’t want to have to, this is magical, this is special. If you want lazy signposts and shortcuts think Kate Bush or Tori Amos or Colt or things on 4AD or labels like Projekt, mere signposts to point you in a general direction though, that’s all. Fools and Orphans is a beautiful album, as fine as the finest Abyssinian – go explore and lose yourself in it, go and treat yourself. She’s from New York, she’s like that person you find singing in secret in an old dusty theatre when she thinks no one is listening and this is why we do this Organ thing, this sets things of fire and makes me feel… this is a wonderful album – or

Kalinkaland releases Fools and Orphans March 13 2009!

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Coming soon, the long awaited international release of Fools and Orphans through Kalinkaland Records. and Orphans by Craig Gidney

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Wears The Trousers most read 2008 Voices on the Verge~Jo Gabriel

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So long, the most read features of 2008!

The good sister is very proud of her little joey. She made the wonderful Wears The Trousers most read features of 2008! Thank you Alan Pedder and Wears The Trousers Magazine.


Bulldozer~The Epileptic Gibbon Radio Pod Cast Best of 2008!

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Over the past several months Eppy has given me the honor of playing a few of my tunes on his wonderful radio program.

He’s got extraordinarily eclectic tastes and I am so thrilled that he has include me in his Best of 2008 Show

Please give a listen to some of his other picks and tune into his podcast whenever possible!


cheers~to yet another good friend across the pond!


Lying In The Evidence of Love on sale at Amazon for the low price of $48.50!

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Interesting what you find being sold on Amazon these days. I wonder if I’ll get a cut and where this rare gem hails from.

Thanks for the support bub~

jo gabriel


The Mick #45&46 Christmas Edition is out!~

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Mick Mercer’s wonderful webzine is offering a lovely little conversation piece for your holiday enjoyment. He has asked some of us musicians he’s reviewed and interviewed to contribute their commentary on Christmas Past, Present, Future and a cheeky Ghost Story just to titillate you around the fireplace whilst you’re drinking you spiked egg nog.

Extra rum in mine please!

Merry Christmas, Merry Solstice and Happy New Year to all

With much peace, joy and love


Heathen Harvest reviews Fools and Orphans!

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Review By ChAwech

Watch Out~makes Amazon’s Top 100 Art House DVD’s chart!

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Watch Out has made Amazon’s list presently at #37 of the TOP 100 Art House DVD’s chart!Right behind Fellini’s ROMA and 8 1/2).

The Stop Turning Me On world tour is nearing an end although they have lined up new ‘encore’ dates in several cities and WATCH OUT is invited to some great upcoming festivals.

Jo is very excited to be a part of this memorably provocative film! Please visit Amazon and get yourselves a copy!

Firefly~SepiaChord’s Playlist ending 11/09/08

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FirNov 9 2008 11:14 AM

Playlist for the Week Ending 11/9

Neko Case: Deep Red Bells
Reverend Horton Heat: In Your Wildest Dreams
Boca Chica:Beasts
Marco Fernandez: Apple Gone Sour
Zen Hussies: Kecker-Rocker
The Dad Horse Experience: Gates of Heaven
Squeeze-bot: Between the Bars
Reverend Glasseye: Blood o’ Lambs
What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?: March of the Hares
Vandals: Rico
Midge Crickett: The Menstrosity
Katzenjammer Kabarett: Hidden & Sick
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Revenge of the Rats
James Gang: Hoofer
Warren Jackson Hearne & the Merrie Murdre of Gloomadeers: Tales of the Bathroom Battles
Toucan Pirates: The Pirate’s Hornpipe
Herman Gauche: Careful with that Shovel, Slim!
Plaid Tongued Devils: Wait
Voltaire: Out of Reach
Bad Luck City: Accident
Buddy Nutt: Day Ten
Wovenhand: Horsetail
C. Strøm: A Wearied Bum Come Hiking
Abney Park: The Secret Life of Dr Calgori
Thomas Nola et son Orchestre: Bel Mir Bist du Schon
Grandma Men: Blotion
Cassettes: Sway Along
Hunter Robertson: Ol’ Virginee
Peculiar Pretzelmen: Undertaker
Piñataland: The Settlers
Before you Die…: Silver Fish
Sassparilla: Mountain Song
Melora Creager: Warbots
Unextraordinary Gentlemen: Chaser
The Scarring Party: Left Hand Tied
Larkin Grimm: Blond & Golden Johns
Jeff Zentner: The Serpent King
Lobster Quadrille: The Crystal Spring
Bone Orchard: Snakeoil Salesman
Marie-Josee Houle: That Off Key Blonde
Jo Gabriel: Firefly
Pinebox Serenade: Darkness Falls
Scarlet Room: The Machine
Creech Holler: Plague of Frogs
Erin Jordan & the Whiskey Romance: Jane
Lux Interna: Distance

Heathen Harvest reviews The Amber Sessions!

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Once again, Heathen Harvest has given me the honor of writing about my little pagan serenade dressed up in lo-fi attire . You can read what they say below ~

Blessed Be~JG

Poison In The Well~ airplay on Epileptic Gibbon Podcast Music Show

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From across the pond Poison In The Well  which is the last track off of Fools and Orphans gets some airplay at Eppy Gibbons wonderful radio show!

Please stop by and listen to his deliciously eclectic taste in music~

Cheers to all my pals and fans across the pond~Joey

HigherPlain Music reviews Fools and Orphans!

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Watch Out ~Raindance Film Festival~Nominated Best Picture!

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Matt Riddlehoover’s blog~ great news for the upcoming film Watch Out~

The Stop Turning Me On Tour is on the move!

Stay Tuned “Watch Out” YouTube video Interview with Director Steve Balderson’s

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Coming soon, what promises to be one of the most provocative contemporary indie cult films Watch Out by director Steve Balderson adapted from Joseph Suglia’s best selling novel. Watch a little interview with Steve about his work as a film making and his own company Dikenga

I am extremely thrilled to have contributed two pieces of original music I am Lovely and If Not to his upcoming film!

Heathen Harvest Reviews “The Last Drive In”

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I just discovered Heathen Harvest’s great review of The Last Drive In. What pleased me most was the fact that they not only recognized my love of horror film ( in particular classical horror ) but they were able to invoke my work in the same breath as Jorg Buttgereit’s Nekromantik and Joe D’Amato disemboweling someone in a Victorian castle

These specific examples might not have been the films that I had visualized while manifesting this work,but all the same, it’s a rare tribute when people can be as creative as to envision “Aren’t You His Mother Rosemary” underscoring such provocative film making! The contrast of this particularly gentle haunting melody aligned with graphic disturbing imagery is actually something that I’ve often thought would make for an exquisite interpretive counterpoint blending of the two mediums, these two contrasting themes. I’ve seen this technique used for example in Narciso Ibanez Serrador’s 1969 Gothic masterpiece The House That Screamed. John Moulder Brown’s slow motion attack on an innocent maiden set in dark hazy, muted tones as a beautifully poignant melody supports the violence of the scene. It serves as a very dramatic and arousing agent.

Bravo Heathen Harvest, you honor me!

Jo Gabriel aka Monster Girl read my blog here:

Wonderful Wooden Reasons ~ Featured Reviews Fools & Orphans, The Amber Sessions and The Last Drive In

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Fable Honey~SepiaChords playlist week ending 8.10.08

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Aug 10, 2008 1:02 PM

Playlist for the Week Ending 8.10.08

Vermillion Lies: Global Warming
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: The Changeling
Firewater: Borneo
Melora Creager: Warbots
Jo Gabriel: Fable Honey
Desar: Memories of a Different Life
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb: Trains and Cops
Marie MacGillis & the Model Millionaires: There’ll Be Changes Made
Sterilize Stereo: Give it a Rest
Dresden Dolls: The Perfect Fit
Christian Williams: Back in the Morning
Sixteen Horsepower: Coal Black Horses (live)
Bad Luck City: The Widow Francis Colver
Nouvelle Vague: Sorry for Laughing
127: Mellato Sarfaraz
Decemberists: O Valencia!
Curtis Eller’s American Circus: Daisy Josephine
Nathan Wade & the Dark Pioneers: Sweat Through
Demonika and the Darklings: New Year’s Rain
Mohlavyr: Mr Grey
Esmerelda Strange: Chila Bici
Pinebox Serenade: The Faithful
Snake Suspenderz: Slow Boat to China