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Documentary Film under way by friend/musician/legendary engineer and film maker Wendy Schneider

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The land mark Smart Studios is closing here in Madison. Wendy Schneider is under way with her project highlighting the journey of the iconic studio and it’s historic musical contributions here in Madison.

The good sister wishes Ms Schneider all the energy and insight in putting this profoundly important documentary together.

Sister Cleophas


Coming February 15, 2010 Jo Gabriel’s 2 Volume Album “Hunting Down The Ceremony”

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The good Sister’s joy is salient at the news of Jo’s long awaited double album 2 Volume set Hunting Down The Ceremony which is officially due to be released on February 15th through Ephemera.

Salutations and Libations are in order! For those of you who are not anticipating with glee over this news, you will be damned to hell fire for all eternity.

Have a nice day : Sister Cleophas

Kim Harten from Bliss Aquamarine reviews Fools and Orphans!

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Jo Gabriel hits Student Radio.Org

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n163791102968_219 Italian magazine review of Fools and Orphans

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An excerpt using english translation

Jo Gabriel: Fools and Orphans (CD – Kalinkaland, 2009). Jo Gabriel is original of New York. It has learned alone to play the pianoforte, sings and it writes songs. She is author of a POP d’ author with sends back more or less explicit to sure things of Kate Bush and old school 4AD, distinguishing itself for an exquisitely etereo taste that pervade the songs, probably thanks all’ shrewed use of the pianoforte and sporadic arches that they caress the pieces sweetly. The orchestrali agreements to the times have of touch cameristici, also always remaining attention to remain in penumbra in order to leave space the absolute protagonist. Of its Jo Gabriel much passion puts us and a discreet originality.

Watch Out~makes Amazon’s Top 100 Art House DVD’s chart!

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Watch Out has made Amazon’s list presently at #37 of the TOP 100 Art House DVD’s chart!Right behind Fellini’s ROMA and 8 1/2).

The Stop Turning Me On world tour is nearing an end although they have lined up new ‘encore’ dates in several cities and WATCH OUT is invited to some great upcoming festivals.

Jo is very excited to be a part of this memorably provocative film! Please visit Amazon and get yourselves a copy!

Read Hannah Fury’s wonderful Interview with Delusions of Adequacy

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Jo Gabriel’s album, Fools and Orphans ~DJ Martian’s list of top albums 2008

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Fools and Orphans makes DJ Martian’s top list of albums for 2008!

“Night Digging” hits the club circuit in Toronto/Canada

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DJ Darkness has been spinning my music quite a bit lately! Give It Back got to air itself out in the big club scene recently~ and now~!
DJ Darkness spun my track “Nightdigging” last night and people were asking about it! The only other tracks that anyone asked about was a Virgin Prunes track and a J.S.Bach track. DJ Darkness said “hearing the pipe organ blasting through a night club at 140 db was an absolutely life altering experience for me.” 

“Nightdigging sounded great. Jo’s vocals seemed to be coming from far away in the ethereal plane”

DJ Darkness~


Ninthspace review of “Island”

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MARCH 22 2008

Island, Jo Gabriel’s fourth full-length album (released in 2005) is probably an ideal introduction to her work because it holds new songs and others from earlier releases. Jo takes the indulgences of This Mortal Coil and weaves them inside traditional and otherworldly piano pieces, accompanied by strings, fretless bass, guitar, her sometimes unusual vocals and Linda Mackley’s perfectly balanced percussion. Whilst the results are obviously off-centre, they remains deliciously melodic and listenable even if the lyrics travel to other places.

Frank’s Blog~a wonderful compliment!

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MARCH 07, 2008






The more I listen to her music (Jo Gabriel) and watch these videos (more at her YouTube Channel) jogabriel88, the more taken I am.

Years and years ago I saw Kate Bush perform on some cable channel. This was before she became legend. I’d never heard or seen anything quite like it and I’ll never forget the flavor of that rush.

Listening to Joey is the only time since then that my palate has tingled quite the same.

She is a brilliant constellation in a sky of sound
A way to find home, a way to be found

Seems people don’t ’like her’ or ’not like her’ — but rather when they’re plus’d they love her madly dearly.And very plus’d am I — oh yes.



“Island” SepiaChord’s song of the day!

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Feb 18, 2008 12:26 PM

“Island” by Jo Gabriel is the Sepiachord Song of the Day. 

Jo Gabriel 

Brainwashed:Jon Whitney:17 Pygmies,13 Blackbirds/13 Lotus” review of CD Compiliation

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17 Pygmies, “13 Blackbirds/13 Lotus”
Written by Jon Whitney
Sunday, 07 January 2007
“Jo Gabriel’s sparse piano version “Siren Lotus” is probably the most striking ”