Award Winning Documentary on Self Injury enters 3rd Year Of Screenings CORNELL UNIVERSITY to Host Fall Kick Off, 9/17/09.

CUT_posterJo is very happy to have contributed her score Longer to this very poignant and relevant documentary.Cut continues to garner kudos and awareness to this very pressing issue that effects so many teens.

If you know someone who self injures or you yourself struggle with this yourself please seek out the info at the bottom. Be safe and let love in. You’re not alone….

Peace~ Joey

Media Contact: Dir.Wendy Schneider, 608.239.5771 or

Film previews:

This month, the award winning documentary, CUT: Teens and Self Injury featuring Shirley Manson, will begin its third year of screenings at colleges across the US.
Cornell University will host an event and panel discussion on September 17th with director Wendy Schneider and Janis Whitlock, director of the Cornell Research Program on Self-Injurious Behavior in Adolescents and Young Adults.  Schneider’s screening events bring much needed awareness and education around the issue of self-injury at a time when incident rates are increasing and schools look for resources to disseminate.
“This is a subject that has long been swept under the carpet,” said Shirley Manson. “It needs to be talked about and it  needs to be talked about now.”
Manson said she once used cutting to cope with feelings of loss and desperation, and only when she discovered a  different outlet in music could she begin to recover. She’s not alone – it’s estimated that about one percent of Americans experience self-harm.
Several teens in various stages of recovery as well as mental health professionals dedicated to helping them join Manson in candid interviews in the shortsubject documentary.
The film also features professionals from  S.A.F.E. Alternatives in Chicago, one of the nation’s leading providers dedicated to exclusively treating self harm. “Cut addresses an aspect of self-harm that is extremely prevalent,” says Karen Contrario of S.A.F.E. Alternatives. “No school, library or counselor should be without this provocative and educational film.”
CUT has screened over 100 times in the US and Canada since premiering at the Wisconsin Film Festival in 2007. It was also an official selection at last year’s  annual American Psychologial Society convention in Boston, MA.


CUT: Teens and Self Injury provides an intimate look at a largely unacknowledged problem that affects thousands of young people, their families and friends. Using the words, music and artwork of the teens themselves, director Wendy Schneider draws back the curtain on the sensationalism and secrecy surrounding the cycle of self-harm and brings this hidden issue into sharp, clear focus. As teens articulate their experience with self-injury, we see them begin to confront both their urges and their deepest feelings. Personal struggles are offset by interviews with parents and mental health professionals who address the problem from a broader context, and by rock icon Shirley Manson, who shares her own experience with self-injury. Compelling, incisive and profoundly moving, CUT issues a call to bring the problem of self-injury out of the shadows and reminds us that the first step towards healing is an honest acknowledgment of reality.


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