Organ reviews,Album of the Week:Fools&Orphans~constructing the scaffolding to room c7h5no3s



At the risk of sounding too saccharin~upon reading Organ Magazine’s glorious review and having the honor bestowed upon me for having Fools and Orphans make Album of the Week~I really did CRY again!~
How did they know that I often feel like a person secretly singing in a dusty old theatre~!
It seems that I have some incredible support from across the pond these days~I’ll never truly be able to express my gratitude properly…

Organ Magazine and Resonance 104.4fm radio Sunday night’s pm London time~ is the sort of finger on the pulse of what we artists hope for~Organ mines for the essential qualities of authenticity and originality~ I’ve discovered a few incredible artists myself because of Organ’s relentless pursuit of the finer art of excavating our music culture!

If these wonderful reviews keep pouring forth, I fear that scaffolding might get to be quite tall~ and geez~ I have an awful fear of heights~

Thank you again Organ, Sean and the marvelous Biddy the Cat!




JO GABRIEL – Fools And Orphans (Ephemera) – Her previous two mostly instrumental albums (reviewed a couple of weeks back) were delicious appetizers. No, that’s wrong, far far far more than just appetizers, that was very rude of us – beautiful instrumental rays of delicate glowing musical sunshine, wonderful things, we expected more of the same, we were looking forward to more of the same. We’ve been saving this up until the right moment for first listen and that moment that demanded we stop everything and partake in the anticipated delights. We really didn’t expect all those delicate shinny lyrical trinkets catching the warm sunlight. We didn’t expect a whole album of beautiful songs and words and a voice every bit as beautiful as the rightly anticipated instrumental warmth. Beautiful delicate songs, strong songs, quietly strong songs, twelve gorgeous piano led pieces of aural delight and honey poured in to a glass, songs and tunes alive with delicious detail. Delicate organic cello and concertina and Siamese cat-yowling and the habits of shadows. Songs that sit in the sun and uncoil with happy lazy cats and distant singing birds and oxygen and dancing light and a spell of delirium. Oh look, this is just too beautifully good to be here trying to write about it with mere words, I really don’t want to have to, this is magical, this is special. If you want lazy signposts and shortcuts think Kate Bush or Tori Amos or Colt or things on 4AD or labels like Projekt, mere signposts to point you in a general direction though, that’s all. Fools and Orphans is a beautiful album, as fine as the finest Abyssinian – go explore and lose yourself in it, go and treat yourself. She’s from New York, she’s like that person you find singing in secret in an old dusty theatre when she thinks no one is listening and this is why we do this Organ thing, this sets things of fire and makes me feel… this is a wonderful album – or

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