Firefly~SepiaChord’s Playlist ending 11/09/08


FirNov 9 2008 11:14 AM

Playlist for the Week Ending 11/9

Neko Case: Deep Red Bells
Reverend Horton Heat: In Your Wildest Dreams
Boca Chica:Beasts
Marco Fernandez: Apple Gone Sour
Zen Hussies: Kecker-Rocker
The Dad Horse Experience: Gates of Heaven
Squeeze-bot: Between the Bars
Reverend Glasseye: Blood o’ Lambs
What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?: March of the Hares
Vandals: Rico
Midge Crickett: The Menstrosity
Katzenjammer Kabarett: Hidden & Sick
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Revenge of the Rats
James Gang: Hoofer
Warren Jackson Hearne & the Merrie Murdre of Gloomadeers: Tales of the Bathroom Battles
Toucan Pirates: The Pirate’s Hornpipe
Herman Gauche: Careful with that Shovel, Slim!
Plaid Tongued Devils: Wait
Voltaire: Out of Reach
Bad Luck City: Accident
Buddy Nutt: Day Ten
Wovenhand: Horsetail
C. Strøm: A Wearied Bum Come Hiking
Abney Park: The Secret Life of Dr Calgori
Thomas Nola et son Orchestre: Bel Mir Bist du Schon
Grandma Men: Blotion
Cassettes: Sway Along
Hunter Robertson: Ol’ Virginee
Peculiar Pretzelmen: Undertaker
Piñataland: The Settlers
Before you Die…: Silver Fish
Sassparilla: Mountain Song
Melora Creager: Warbots
Unextraordinary Gentlemen: Chaser
The Scarring Party: Left Hand Tied
Larkin Grimm: Blond & Golden Johns
Jeff Zentner: The Serpent King
Lobster Quadrille: The Crystal Spring
Bone Orchard: Snakeoil Salesman
Marie-Josee Houle: That Off Key Blonde
Jo Gabriel: Firefly
Pinebox Serenade: Darkness Falls
Scarlet Room: The Machine
Creech Holler: Plague of Frogs
Erin Jordan & the Whiskey Romance: Jane
Lux Interna: Distance

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