Bulldozer~ SepiaChords Playlist 6.29.08



Playlist for the Week Ending 6.29.08

Decemberists: Eli, the Barrow Boy
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Gates to the Garden
Princeton: Leonard Woolf
Silver Summit: Apple Tree
Mohlavyr: Mr Grey
Marie MacGillis & the Model Millionaires: There’ll Be Changes Made
Clubhouse POW!: Not Far to Go
Sterilize Stereo: The Dirge
Life Toward Twilight: Evening Conversations Movement 5
Gravemist: Wait All Night
Demonika and the Darklings: Everyday is Halloween
Juan Prophet Organization: 10-4
Festival: Zebulon
Ex Reverie: Cedar
Violent Femmes: Black Girls
Butthole Surfers: Creep in the Cellar
Esmerelda Strange: Truckers Love It
Noa Babayof: This Year’s Parade
Curtis Eller’s American Circus: Sugar for the Horses
Desar: Club Monbijou
Chinkees: The Chinkees are Coming
Refused: Tannhauser/Derive
Nathan Wade: Seen the Glory
Jo Gabriel: Bulldozer
127: Shahr-e Laghzan
Gogol Bordello: Underdog World Strike
Christian Williams: Back in the Morning
Golden Robot Army: DLAMWIYAY
Sixteen Horsepower: Straw Foot (live)
Strawfoot: Wayfaring Stranger
The Clash: Straight to Hell


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