Bulldozer~SepiaChord’s Playlist 6.01.08



Jun 1 2008 9:39 AM 

Playlist for the Week Ending 6/1

Gino Fanelli’s Red Hot Sugar Daddies: St James Infirmary
Big Daddy: Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite
Unwoman: Blight
The Bad Things: The Breaking
Walter Sickert & THe ARmy of BRoken TOys: Crystal Ship
Juan Prophet Organization: 10-4
The Other Flesh: (Bring Down the) Summer Rain
Demonika and the Darklings: Choir of Change
Desar: The Girl with the Half Moon Eyes
Fern Knight: Silver Fox
Rohan Theatre Band: Nobody Buried the Undertaker
Princeton: The Waves
Sixteen Horsepower: Harm’s Way (live)
Vera Beren’s Gothic Chamber Blues Ensemble: The Nod
Paul Mercer: Ballet Mecanique
Curtis Eller’s American Circus: Daisy Josephine
Sterilize Stereo: Jack’s Dagger
Sxip Shirey: Dirge
Jo Gabriel: Bulldozer
Mohlavyr: Mr Grey 
Sire: She’s Like Superman
Kim Vermillion: Organ Donor’s March
Reverend Glasseye: Mother is a Carpegian


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