SepiaChord’s Playlist 5.18.08~Vacant Little Stare






Is Online 

May 18 2008 11:29 AM   

Playlist for the Week Ending 5.18.08

Festival: Zebulon
Christian Williams: When the Smoke Clears
Paul Mercer: The Hidden Key
Kim Vermillion: First the Bees
The Other Flesh: Waltzing Down the Road to Hell 
ECPE: Acres of Clams
Sterilize Stereo: Annie McGee
Iron & Wine: Naked as We Came
Blanche: So Long Cruel World
Gothic Archies: How Do You Slow this Thing Down
Mike Watt & Friends: Sidemouse Advice
Fern Knight: Bemused
Bastard Fairies: We’re All Going to Hell
Voltaire: The Sexy Data Tango
Juan Prophet Organization: Factory
The Magnificent Seven: Heroes & Villains 
Jo Gabriel: Vacant Little Stare
Demonika and the Darklings: Preying Mantis
Make a Rising: Sneffels Yokul
Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon Nostalgia for an Age that Never Existed
Princeton: The Waves 
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club: Americadio
Desar: The Exodus
The Nichols Family Gospel Hour: My Salvation
Ilya Monosov: Ms Desolate





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