Firefly~SepiaChord’s Playlist 5.8.08


The Magnificent Seven: A Season in Hell
The Bag’n’Pipe Hoppers: 7.15.05 Vol 1 Movement 3
Mohlavyr: Mr Grey 
Life Toward Twilight: The Monster 
Alice Cooper: Crazy Little Child
Vermillion Lies: Circus Apocalypse
Festival: Fair & True
Nouvelle Vague: Sorry for Laughing 
Christian Williams: 30 Minutes
Foetus: Cirrhosis of the Heart
Kim Vermillion: Hurts Like Hell
Paul Mercer: L’e toile de Mer
Desar: Another Stitch
Princeton: Eminent Victorians
Palodine: Devour Me 
Sixteen Horsepower: Silver Saddle (live)
Fern Knight: Hawkmoon
Sterilize Stereo: Hannibal’s Hands
Demonika and the Darklings: Everday is Halloween
Belle & Sebastian: Is It Wicked not to Care?
Jo Gabriel: Firefly
The Other Flesh: (Bring Down the) Summer Rain
Juan Prophet Organization: Disappointment/Reflection


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