Amber~SepiaChord Playlist 4.06.08


Apr 6 2008 11:57 AM    

Painted Saints: The Lament
Black Heart Procession: Outside the Glass
Miss Moonshine: It’s Only a Paper Moon
Festival: Valentine
Alessandro Moreschi: Ave Maria
Life Toward Twilight: The Mirror
Ex Reverie: Wooden Sword
Kim Vermillion: Organ Donor’s March
Velvet Underground: The Murder Mystery
Eric Dahlman: Geysti Hiche Gesank Buchleyn
Huxley Vertical Cabaret Nouveau: The Ballad of Lettice Finding & Oscar Cutlet
Fern Knight: Loch Na Fooey
Scarring Party: Leslie Ann Merrimac
Nichols Family Gospel Hour: The Angel’s Would Have Wept
ECPE: Oh Suannah
Jo Gabriel: Amber
Make a Rising: How’s ’bout a Love Supreme
Jill Tracy: Petrified

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