DeadofNight reviews~ The Amber Sessions and The Last Drive In

Neo classical/Goth pianist and vocalist extrodinare Jo Gabriel has TWO releases out this month that you’ll be hearing a lot of during my broadcasts of The Dead OF Night.


“THE AMBER SESSIONS” are both available through her website at

The Last Drive In is a collection of instrumentals that invokes the feeling and atmospere of those late night horror movie matinees, bringing to mind that other worldly sense of being one step beyond the imagined borders of our reality. Jo seamlessly interweaves both accoustic piano and synth sounds, mounting both tension and drama within the context of every composition to really transport the listener. Where so many artists merely try to achieve that balance of atmosphere and driving sense of movement Jo succeedes and creates and audio soundscape that is above and beyond what you’d ever expect.Track four “There’s A Crack In The Wall” will be featured during my next broadcast, tune in and hear it for yourself.

The Amber Sessions…
Within the context of this body of work the listener is treated to a myriad number of explorative textural movements in sound and composition, at times stark and dissonant, other numbers will simply floor you with a haunting melodic touch seldom heard in so far as it’s vulnerability and artistic scope. Each track on this EP (It’s actually 13 tracks in length)has a unique perspective unto its own. There’s an underlying sense of restless exploration where no definitive is settled on and happily so. This CD is a place you’ll want to get lost in for a while, not caring if you ever find your way back.

I’m not big on rating systems and I don’t think there’s a definitve number of stars you can award work like this, each CD is a truth unto itself and worth owning however, you don’t have to take my word on it, go to Jo’s MySpace page and give her work a listen…


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